About Belivin’ Design

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About Belivin’ Design

Welcome to Belivin’ Design!

We believe in Design and in the power of beautiful things to elevate the spirit, “light up” the house and make it a home. We believe It’s what we hang on our walls, how we decorate our home and what we choose to surround ourselves with – reflect our taste, our state of mind, our inspirations and personality.

Belivin’ Design is an international blog full of passion for interior design, home decor and styling.  We share with you inspiration, beautiful interiors, decorating ideas, style guides and trends. We also show DIY projects we love so that you can make your own personal art and decor.

Our online shop is a collection of our favorite artwork and home decor items, carefully picked from marketplaces around the web- showing that stunning home decor can be completely affordable.

We are always in search for beautiful yet affordable home designs – join our ride!

About Us
We are sisters-in-law, design addicts with a definite weakness for unique art and amazingly designed interiors.

Orit Kalev, Designer. Love art, illustration, photography and basically everything that makes life nicer.

Efrat Yarom, Art History and home styling graduate. Lives and breathes art & home decor.

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Efrat & Orit

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